How our mobile asset tracking system works?

How our mobile asset tracking system works?

GPS Tracking isn’t just for vehicle tracking anymore! Specilized asset tracking devices can be plugged into any of  your valuable mobile assets to track their use and position at all hours of the day. Combined with a specialized asset management software, this device can allow you to record different events and assets using provided statistics. This innovation can be used to track anything from laptops, to LCDs, Projectors and anything worth more value to you!

How it works

This new GPS r­ecei­v­er­ chip wi­ll hav­e sensi­t­i­v­i­t­y go­o­d eno­ugh t­o­ pi­ck up weak si­gnals, per­f­ect­ f­o­r­ ur­b­an env­i­r­o­nm­ent­s wi­t­h hi­gh i­nt­er­f­er­ence.

These are some of the features offered by the mobile GPS Tracker; 

  • GPS and Location Based Service- Location based service also named A-GPS, used when tracking underground or in tunnels can only get location using A-GPS.
  • Real time tracking- Real time tracking your device either by a cell phone application or web based platform.
  • Check the history of the device route on our tracking platform- You can get access of your mobile asset/device, dating back to a year or so.
  • Monitoring and communication- The device has voice recording ability and can also communicate with the tracker through a phone call.
  • SOS Alarm- SOS button ,when user have emergency , press the SOS button ,the tracker will send “help me ” SMS to all authorized phone number and monitoring web platform.
  • Power Saving Mode- The device goes into standby mode when there isn’t vibration for 3 minutes, it will go into working mode when it feel vibration.
  • Google map on mobile- It gives you the ability to check the current location using google maps on the mobile.
  • Geo-fence and movement alert- You can set up a geo-fence which will set boundaries for the device being tracked, and if it goes beyond the restricted boundary there is a movement alert alarm.
  • Over-speed alert- You can restrict your device to a certain speed (if required) and if not adhered to there is an speed alert alarm.
  • Low battery alarm- If the device is on battery low, the device alarms the user for a battery law alert.


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